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Next school contact via ham radio with the ISS

The International Space Station contact with the Armstrong Fundamental
School in Hampton, VA, USA will be during the first week of January.
Barring unforeseen circumstances their contact will be one of 2001-01-04
starting at 13:38 UTC or 2001-01-05 starting at 20:34 UTC.  I'll try to
keep the page at http://ariss.gsfc.nasa.gov/ up to date with any
changes.  The downlink will be on 145.80 and should be easily audible
over the East coast of North America.  Real-time coverage of the audio
is expected via the Internet.

Will Marchant
marchant@ssl.berkeley.edu       http://chips.ssl.berkeley.edu/~marchant/
kc6rol@amsat.org          New==>http://home.earthlink.net/~willmarchant/

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