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Re: Transcript of Burbank School QSO with ISS

Hi all,

As Frank Bauer has just pointed out the crew has been very busy.  We are to 
consider ourselves very lucky to get the contact time that we are getting.  
Burbank School is very thankful they let us in for a few minutes of their 

Francisco, give the crew more time to get their house in order.  More 
contacts will come.  If I remember correctly, the Mir contact number count 
increased with each day; it didn't happen all on day 1.  We were the first 
school for ARISS and the decision was made to have the contact when it did to 
allow the crew to get the ISS up to speed.  Ham radio just has to wait its 

You must also realize that you need to be the near antenna in order to talk.  
Right now the crew is using the only antenna available which means the radios 
are located near the antenna.  In 2001, the permanent antennas are hopefully 
going to be installed and then the crew should be able to move around more.

Glad you enjoy all of the activities and thanks for the comments.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
Burbank School Control OP

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