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School Questions


Listed below are the anticipated Burbank, Illinois School questions.  Since 
many of you will be hearing the contact direct and will only hear the 
downlink,  you might want to see what will be on the uplink.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

>Burbank School questions
>1. Jessica Lehocky 7th:  What emotions did you feel as you boarded the Soyuz
>2. Kurt Susniz 8th:  Since being in space, what has been the hardest
>3. Ivona Karpiel 5th:  What is the most important thing that is recycled in
>space?  How do you do it?
>4. Ashley Ocguera 7th:  What inspired you to become an astronaut?
>5. Brittany Lukasik 1st:  What do you and the cosmonauts do in your spare
>6. Keith Taddei 7th:  Were you able to vote in the presidential election?
>How did you do it?
>7. Brittany Cook 5th:  Do you have any advice for young students who might
>want a career in space exploration?
>8. Christopher Bogue 8th:  Describe how you felt the first time you saw Earth
>from space?
>9. Dan Coughlin 8th:  Since you have been in the space station, what
>improvements have you made?
>10. Alex Bandyk 5th:  Do you think that you are a role model for kids and if
>so, how do you see your responsibility?
>11. Candace Field 5th:  What is the one thing you will always remember about
>being on the International Space Station?
>12. David Valdez 2nd:  Who controls the Space Station when all of you are
>13. Athena Weimer 8th:  If you could put something in a time capsule for
>future generations, what would it be?
>14. Eddie Vale 7th:  What is your least and most favorite thing about being
>on the International Space Station?

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