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STS-98 ascent

Successfully observed STS-98 liftoff from Wilmington, NC (FM 14): shuttle
booster phase with vivid vapor trail seen through the sunset; booster
cutoff and descent of same; main engine phase, until time of cutoff--wow!
What a sight to behold.

Al, If you will, please elaborate on tomorrow's "double visual" sighting.

TNX es 73,
At 05:58 PM 2/7/01 -0500, Albert K Lark wrote:
>WA3NAN Frequencies:
>3.860 / 7.185 / 14.295 / 21.395 / 28.650 MHz
>Great double visual  sighting  tomorrow in SC - If it's clear!
>73, Al - KD4SFF
>On Wed, 07 Feb 2001 09:49:18 -0500 "Miles Mann"
><Miles.Mann@ind.alcatel.com> writes:
>> Hi All:
>> Yes, tonight you will be able to see the Booster phase of the 
>> shuttle launch.  When nasa announces MECO, Main Engine Cut-Off, the
>> shuttle will disappear.
>> <snip>.........

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