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Re: SE USA launch sightings?

WA3NAN Frequencies:
3.860 / 7.185 / 14.295 / 21.395 / 28.650 MHz
Great double visual  sighting  tomorrow in SC - If it's clear!
73, Al - KD4SFF

On Wed, 07 Feb 2001 09:49:18 -0500 "Miles Mann"
<Miles.Mann@ind.alcatel.com> writes:
> Hi All:
> Yes, tonight you will be able to see the Booster phase of the 
> shuttle launch.  When nasa announces MECO, Main Engine Cut-Off, the
> shuttle will disappear.
> Depending on where you live, it will be visible from Florida
> to Main.  Of course the farther north you live, the lower on the
> horizon the shuttle will be located.
> From Boston, the shuttle will only be 5-15 degrees above the 
> horizon.
> The current calculated time for Boston mass is 6:18-6:19 pm est.
> Your actually time will vary.
> So tonight, go find a dark  location along the coast or a high
> dark hill and look east, while monitoring w5rrr on HF.
> good luck, and would someone please post the HF w5rrr rebroadcast
> frequencies,
> thanks,
> Miles WF1F MAREX
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