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possible shuttle launch visibility

Just wanted to let you know that we saw the last launch from Eagle Rock in
W. Orange NJ. 
It showed up 7 min after launch and was quite visible over the NYC skyline
in spite of a full moon. 
We even saw the engines shut down and then a flickering as if residual fuel
was being burned off.
It will have an orange color to it and it will move quite fast with a
rather flat trajectory. Another characteristic is that there are no
blinking stobe lights like on a regular aircraft. Tried to photograph the
whole thing but the moon light washed it all out.

                                Enjoying my tax dollars at work,
                                                        Bill Reyna / N2QBR

PS Just checked solar and lunar data for that day and guess what. We'll
have a nearly full moon about 25° over the horizon that night too..       
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