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Budget Tracking for Newcomers

I'm new to SAREX, but I have noticed that NASA does not often get mentioned 
in these bulletins. 

NASA has a wonderful website called J-Track. It was developed to get children 
(and adults), more interested in the space program. It does not show the 
footprint, but is still useful for tracking SAREX, AMSAT and nearly any other 
satellite you can think of.  If you are just beginning to explore satellite 
communications and are still unsure about how much time and money you're 
willing to invest, it's a simple way to get started.


Anyone that has a java-capable web browser can use the free web site. It 
loads automatically and requires no keps or updates. The ISS, Hubble, Oscars 
and other items are represented by cartoon-like icons. Entering your zip code 
(or Lon/Lat), will not only give you rise/set times for a chosen satellite, 
but will also indicate all visible passes. Another useful item is the 
inclusion of a polar graph. It shows you which directions and elevations to 
look during the pass.

Mike - AD6BL

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