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NASA TV Question

Does anyone know if a local cable company can carry the NASA channel 
without permission or paying NASA for the privilege? Our local cable 
company is going digital and is adding 200 channel positions. The local 
director told me they would be happy to carry the channel if they can get 
permission. I've e-mailed NASA, with no response, as spent hours on the web 
trying to find a phone number or contact person, but no success.


At 10:01 AM 12/9/00, K6due@aol.com wrote:

>                                                       NASA TELEVISION 
>                                                                STS-97
>                                                        ISS-4A/ ISS SOLAR
>                                                               12/08/00
>                                                                REV K
>NASA Television programming can be accessed through GE2, transponder 9C.  The
>frequency is 3880 MHz with an orbital
>position of 85 degrees West Longitude, with audio at 6.8 MHz.  This is a full
>transponder service and will be
>operational 24 hours a day.  Mission audio may be accessed on GE2,
>transponder 13 with a frequency of 3960 MHz,
>vertical polarization.

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