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Discovery channel shows

 Iss show is Sunday, but a discovery channel show I shot last January is
airing tonite at 9pm on Discovery channel.
Program is 'On the Inside ' show title "Spacewalkers - The ultimate high
wire act". 

It was shot at Johnson Space center, we filmed 2 interview in the ISS but it
looks like the editors cut away pretty quick to b roll of this one gentleman
losing suit pressure in a full vacuum. Also the interviews with a japanese
astronaut in the ISS did not make show but I had fun running around in there
looking for the Ariss station. Radios weren't installed but I got some
digital pics of the antenna connector pass throughs. 

I even got to try on an EVA suit and those great folks at NASA took the
director and myself over to the full motion shuttle simulator for some fun
after we finished filming.

Nice to mix fun and business.

Allen Emer, N2YAC
Lighting Cameraman
Amsat #30942

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