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Re: Shuttle Launch

A station in Virginia (NW or Richmond) told me he saw the shuttle about 7 
min after launch, so that would seem about right. In the 2 years I lived in 
Delaware, I never saw it. Too far north I guess as MECO occurs at T+8 min.

At 18:05 12/1/00, you wrote:
>Can anyone verify that I saw the shuttle last night?  The object was 
>traveling south to north. It was about 30-40 degrees above the horizon and 
>was sighted about 5 min after launch.  I am located near Charleston, 
>SC.  What I saw appeared to be brighter than an aircraft and faster than 
>what I usually see.  It appeared to be flickering but not as a group of 
>strobe lights on an airplane.  I had a scanner with me and heard two UHF 
>transmissions on one of the shuttle UHF frequencies, however I did not 
>copy what was said.

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