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STS Comms recorded over Southern UK


If anyone is interested, I have just uploaded to my website about 8 seconds
of audio of STS 97 recorded as it was passing overhead southern UK at about
03:26UTC this morning. Its only a short snippet but its all I got. I think
the quality is fantastic though.
I use a realistic PRO-2006 fed by a standard Discone at about 20 feet.
Nothing very special I assure you. I used a minidisc recorder on voice
activated recording to record this whilst I was asleep!

The URL is http://members.aol.com/m0cjm/index.html

Comments, of course greatfully accepted :-)

Remember, the files are in mp3 format. To save to your hard drive, right
click on the download icon and select "Save Target As"

Neil, M0CJM

Neil Toombes
Basingstoke, England.
E-mail:-  neil.toombes@ntlworld.com
ICQ# 3418660

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