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Re: Question

Hello Bruce!

30 Oct 00 06:53, you wrote to All:

 BB> It's a different split than a repeater -- there's no way to coordinate
 BB> a standard 600kHz split in that environment, and you have to retune
 BB> for Doppler anyway.  Most radios will allow you to set a "custom"

You can get away without Doppler tuning on 2m, provided the frequency accuracy
of your radios and the gear on board the spacecraft is spot on, and you're
prepared to tolerate a little distortion at the pass extremes.

 BB> split for a memory channel, and you'll need either that capability or
 BB> another radio you can use to listen full duplex on the downlink.  For
 BB> space/satellite operations, listening full duplex is good because it
 BB> lets you operate QSK, as it were, with the other station able to

Not for inband operation, unless you have a set of cavities handy.  Your own
uplink will desense the downlink, but using 2 rigs is still one way to get the
odd split.

Crossband is much easier to work QSK, I do that all the time on the FM birds,
unless I'm stuck with a single HT.

As for the odd split, I have one rig that will do it, no questions asked, and a
second one that can be coaxed into it (just alters a global repeater split
setting that affects all memories).

Tony, VK3JED

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