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>hi all,
>At 07:01 29-10-00 -0500, you wrote:
> >Frank - split frequencies limits the activity of NEWBIES that can NOT
> >afford upto date rigs and limits their activities on ISS. I thought the
> >idea was to encourage activity.??? I have been using an HT that can NOT
> >do split and will therefore not be active on ISS .A VERY poor judgement.
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>my first transciever was a HT. i bought it second hand 10 years ago and it
>does split operation. maybe it's time for a newer rig, huh? btw, i tried
>many times and i was never able to work mir or the shuttle until i got a
>mobile radio...second hand too. so don't get your hopes up of making any
>ISS contacts with a HT even if you go out and buy a new one. hope this helps.
>73 de rick

Theoretically, you can get a readable signal into a receiver in LEO with a
5W HT.  The assumption is that there are no other stations transmitting, of
course, and don't bother with the factory rubber duck.  If you cut a 19"
whip antenna (I make them, by the way, for hams in the Austin, TX area) you
will see about +3 to +4dB over the ducky, which may put you in range on a
quiet day.

Practically, to cut through the pileups you'll need either a 50W+ mobile or
a very directional antenna like a 3 or 5 element Yagi.  The satellite
crossband Yagis AES sells work pretty well with a dual band HT -- I've seen
AO-27 worked successfully with that combination.  The HT and Yagi
combination is preferable, since you can concentrate your signal in the
direction of the satellite and generate less local QRM, and a handheld Yagi
lets you find the best polarization by hand as well.  (You could point the
antenna by hand for a 50W mobile too, but you'd be way too close to the
driven element for safety..)

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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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