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Re: Question

>About all this talk about the ISS on split operation. Couldn't you do it
>the same as a repeater?

It's a different split than a repeater -- there's no way to coordinate a
standard 600kHz split in that environment, and you have to retune for
Doppler anyway.  Most radios will allow you to set a "custom" split for a
memory channel, and you'll need either that capability or another radio you
can use to listen full duplex on the downlink.  For space/satellite
operations, listening full duplex is good because it lets you operate QSK,
as it were, with the other station able to interrupt you if they need to.
It's almost required on AO-27 and manned operations like the old SAFEX-II
repeater on Mir, because if you can hear that you're not cutting through
the pileup, you can stop the transmission right then.  Listen to AO-27 on a
busy weekend sometime, and you'll have some idea of what ARISS operators
are going to be listening to the ENTIRE TIME they have the radios on.

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