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Hello Jim!

29 Oct 00 23:02, you wrote to All:

 JR> receive. Separate antennas, of course. I will transmit on the antenna
 JR> that is highest, and use a lower receive antenna.
 JR> When there is a will, there a way!

I would have said the same.  I operate the analog FM birds with a pait of HTs,
built a beam for when the going got rough.

And even on an IC-T81A, which won't do crossband split, I managed to work SO-35
while mobile in traffic, with a bit of fancy button pushing every time I spoke,
to change bands between Tx and Rx.  Clumsy, but it got me QSOs. :)

Takes more than a split to keep me from working something interesting in the
sky. :)

Tony, VK3JED

.. It's nbs!qe down Miss Jane
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