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As AMSAT, ARRL and others have stated so many times since the earliest days 
of planning ham radio on ISS, the selection of frequencies was made to world 

In other words, it is a compromise.  As such it really does not take into 
account those hams here in the USA with either older non-programmable 
synthisized radios or very early crystal controlled radios. 

To be quite blunt -- those are the breaks of the game and there is nothing 
that any of us can do to change it.  According to everything I have read and 
those I have spoken with, those frequencies are proverbially -- "cast in 
concrete" by international agreement.  As such, I suspect there will be some 
small number of hams who may be left out in the cold -- or forced to buy new 
gear to make contacts.   

Bill P.

In a message dated 10/29/2000 10:55:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
smokesigs@baraboo.com writes:

<< Many of us do not have the "fancy" rigs and for us those splits are bad.
 We should keep in mind that they may change the frequencies. (Remember
 And, there is another way to do the split. It takes two radios.
 I plan to use my IC-27H to transmit and use my Alinco DJ-191 to receive.
 Separate antennas, of course. I will transmit on the antenna that is
 highest, and use a lower receive antenna.
 When there is a will, there a way!
 Best regards, Jim Romelfanger, K9ZZ >>
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