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>   I would like to know if anyone can tell me the frequencies to listen
>to during the launch of the shuttle tonight. I am in Florida and will be
>trying to get as close as possible for some photographs.
>I will be taking my Icom IC-T81A, so I will be able to listen on
>2 meters, 440, 6 meters and 1.2 Ghz.. If anyone can tell me of
>around the Titusville, Fl. area,or maybe even direct communications,
>I would appreciate it very much.
>Please respond direct to my e-mail address:  gocala@ix.netcom.com  or
>Thank You Very Much
>Steve Gocala / KB8VAO
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JSC rebroadcasts the PAO feed on the W5RRR machine in Houston, so I'd
imagine something similar goes on at KSC.  I'd scan around 146.60-147.40 on
2 meters and 442.0-445.0 on 440 and see what you find.

ARRL directory doesn't list anything that looks like it's connected to KSC,
but there are several repeaters in Titusville -- 145.49, 146.67, 146.775,
146.91, 146.97, 147.075, 444.15, and 444.925.  Most of those are TARC
affiliated.  There are also a couple on Merritt Island, which is fairly
near by -- 146.94 and 443.95.  If nothing is rebroadcast on those, maybe
someone there can point you to where the action is.  Worth a try, anyway.

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Via the sarex mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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