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Sept. 26, 2000, 8:35 AM

Progress to dock with Mir next month

WASHINGTON, Sept 25 (AFP) - MirCorp will launch a new Progress supply 
capsule in mid-October to the Russian space station Mir, company 
spokesman Jeffrey Lenorowitz said Monday.

The Progress mission, the third financed by the private corporation, 
will bring fuel, air and power to Mir, allowing it to maintain a 
satisfactory altitude, the spokesman said in a statement.

"MirCorp has once again met its commitment of maintaining Mir in 
operational status so this one-of-a-kind facility remains open for 
business," MirCorp President Jeffrey Manber said.

MirCorp, a private company charged with the commercial operation of Mir, 
sent two cosmonauts to the space station last summer.

It also has found the money necessary to finance two private missions to 
Mir in 2001, with the flight of American Dennis Tito and the one by the 
winner of the NBC television network's ˜Destination Mirš series.

Mir, in orbit for 14 years, is capable of functioning two or three more 
years, according to the estimates of specialists from Energia, the 
Russian company responsible for technical operation of the station. 

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