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ARISS frequencies ATTN:nx5e@juno.com

Hi the attached is previous communications concerning AR!SS frequencies:
Actually, we have not selected frequencies for ISS.  We are currently 
discussing this issue with the international partners.  The frequencies
are using for this testing is consistent with the Region 2 (US) frequency

band plan.

There is certainly a debate on whether to use split frequencies or 
simplex.  It is a bit more cumbersome to operate split.  However, I have 
gotten a lot of feedback from a number of people that one of the
.of split is that the crew downlink is clear from local QRM.  This tends
help the new-bies as well as the more seasoned operators because they
hear all the packet on the downlink frequency and can immediately
if the crew is operating voice or packet.

Thanks for your inputs.

73,  Frank Bauer

At 08:28 AM 4/23/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Frank - why is the ISS going to use a split frequency. I thought the
>idea was to make it easy for
>beginners to try their hands on the birds without complicated equipment.
>Its so much easier to have a
>simplex frequency up & down. Arthur N1ORC@AMSAT.ORG(AMSAT A/C)
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