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Spacewalk success

(Note:  This release is from the Johnson Space Center, Houston)

STS-106 Crew Ends Space Walk

At 6:01 a.m. CDT (11:01 GMT) Monday, Astronaut Ed Lu and Cosmonaut Yuri 
Malenchenko finished a six-hour, 14-minute space walk, or extravehicular 
activity. Lu and Malenchenko attached nine power, data and communication 
cables to the International Space Station's newest component -- the Zvezda 
Service Module -- and the Zarya Control Module. Also, they assembled a 
magnetometer boom on the outside of Zvezda and deployed a docking boom on 
Zvezda. The STS-106 crew is scheduled to begin entering the space station at 
10:01 p.m. CDT Monday (or at 3:01 GMT Tuesday

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