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Fw: Ham Radios in Space

The following is being resent to correct a previous message which
contained an error in Dr. Owen Garriott's call. His call has been corrected
to read "W5LFL".

Subject: [sarex] Ham Radios in Space

>        Alan Bethel , KE6QIS and Jeff Davis, N9AVG have provided a very
> interesting
> reference,
 ( http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2000/ast21aug_1.htm?list )
> of
> Dr. Owen K. Garriott, W5LFL's Ham Radio activity in space.
>      This article references Ham Radio also aboard the Mir Space Station.
> There have  been many school contacts with Mir as well as with SAREX and
> for those interested,  MSNBC is still running a story of contact with the
> Schnecksville School in Pennsylvania.  This story has a video clip of
> Amateur Radio SSTV
> pictures and voice exchange with the most recent Cosmonauts who wee aboard
> Mir.
>  It may be viewed at:
>     http://www.msnbc.com/news/419653.asp
>     For further detail about Ham Radio and the addition of SSTV  aboard
> Mir Space Station see:
> http://www.siliconpixels.com/marex/
> and also:
> http://www.geocities.com/ik1sld/mirex.htm
> Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.

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