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ISS/Shuttle News

August 19, 2000

Space station component might delay October shuttle flight
By Tom Breen
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - The flight of shuttle Discovery to the International 
Space Station in October may be delayed, NASA officials said Friday. 

The possible delay is tied to a piece of equipment the shuttle is to deliver 
to the station and not to the shuttle itself, which is having no problems. 

The equipment, a Control Moment Gyro, that helps control the station's 
position in space, may need repair work before the flight. 

A decision on a possible delay will be made next week, NASA spokesman James 
Hartsfield said Friday. 

"We'll know more by midweek," he said. 

Hartsfield added that NASA managers are hopeful the equipment problem, which 
was discovered recently, can be resolved without interfering with Discovery's 
launch schedule. 

Discovery is scheduled to lift off Oct. 5 from Kennedy Space Center, 
returning Oct. 16. 

Its main cargo will be a station part called a Z-1 truss, which is a 
framework for holding a range of station equipment, including the gyroscope 
in question. 

The Discovery flight is one of eight to the station planned from KSC through 
next year, including two others by year's end. 

The other flights remaining this year are Atlantis on Sept. 8 and Endeavour 
on Nov. 30. 

The stepped-up flight schedule marks the busiest KSC has been in several 

The reason for the rush of activity: The International Space Station is on 
track after two years of delays that were caused in part by Russian financial 

Meanwhile, shuttle Atlantis crew was to return to Houston after spending a 
week at KSC preparing for the September mission to the station. 

Atlantis is to deliver several thousand pounds of equipment, food and 
supplies to the orbiting outpost to prepare it for the arrival of the first 
resident crew in November. 
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