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Re: Mir status aug 14,

Miles Mann wrote:


> Mir Survivor:
> Yes its true.  I just finished up my weekly telecon to RSA Energia; it
> seems the contracts have been signed for a Mir Survivor contest.  Heres
> how it was explained to me (via a translator).  The American producer
> will select 15 candidates for the Survivor contest.  The contestant's
> will go to Russia for Cosmonaut training.  I assume they will have a
> typical number of contests and gimmicks, etc.
> Then the number of contestants will be reduced the Russians? will select
> the best candidate for a trip to Mir.  The tentative date for the
> mission is the end of 2001.

So, could we pursuade Survivor team to make him aprove an
amateur radio exam (just like another test)??? 
This way he could be the first "Dx'man" on the first 
"Dx'pedition" on MIR! Just an idea ;0)

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. May I suggest this list be renamed? [ARISS] could be
     a good option, now that SAREX missions are over!
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