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RE: FW: Tracking Tips for ISS


Well, I am totally red in the face.  I just ran the Amsat-style load of the
latest elements (7/21/00) and it did not update any of the satllites... I
checked them with a text editor and they show 6/1/00 as the last update.  I
believe what may have happened back when I first tried it is that I mistook
the fact that they were updating when it updated one or two possibly very old
or missing satellites, the screen goes by so fast.  I can now confirm what you
are saying though, and I'm surely sorry that I ran you around in circles on
this.  However, at the same time, I am glad that we had this exchange because
it opened my eyes and now I know what I will have to do to keep the elements

Well... perhaps I will see you on the birds, now that I can start tracking
them better!

73 and apologies,
Jerry N0JY

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000 06:05:26 +0200, Ray Webber wrote:

 >Hi and Jerry
 >I've just tried loading the latest AMSAT keps, and InstantTrack says that
 >they're old.  I guess if I didn't have those satellites loaded, then
 >InstantTrack wouldn't have known the difference, and might well have loaded
 >By the way, the last ones I had loaded were last week's keps, which I
 >converted from two line format into AMSAT format, using CVITK.
 >I suspect that your keps might be out of date, and that it isn't working
 >properly either.  Have you managed to confirm any pass times using
 >InstantTrack after loading in AMSAT keps (without converting using CVITK)
 >since 1 January this year?  Please let me know, as I can't understand how it
 >can work.
 >Ray (ZS6RSW)

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