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ISS News

STS-106 Overview 
Mission: International Space Station Flight 2A.2b 
Shuttle: Atlantis  
Launch: Sept. 8, 2000,
7:31 a.m. CDT 
Window: 5 minutes 
Landing: Sept. 19, 2000,
3:45 a.m. CDT 
Duration: 10 Days, 20 hours, 14 minutes 
Altitude: 160 nautical
Inclination: 51.6° 
Crew Training Update 
STS-106 Commander's Message 
 STS-106 Preparations Continue
At Kennedy Space Center, Fla., preparations continue for Sept. 8's scheduled 
launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-106. Currently, technicians are 
testing Atlantis' ground control interface logic system and onboard 
operations recorder. Also, the seven STS-106 astronauts are participating in 
Crew Equipment Interface Test activities at Kennedy Space Center. The test 
activities are scheduled to last through the weekend. The STS-106 crew will 
deliver supplies to the International Space Station and perform a space walk 
while at the station.

The STS-106 crew will prepare the International Space Station for its first 
resident crew and begin outfitting the newly arrived Zvezda Service Module.
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