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ISS Antenna ports Arrive

Mir / ISS status report

July 26, 2000

Docking Successful, the 4 new antenna ports have arrived.

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

The docking of the Zvezda module was completed last night at 8:44 p.m.
Eastern Tuesday July 25 ( 00:44 UTC July 26 Wednesday).

Human Spaceflight Website at: http://spaceflight.nasa.gov

The third module of the ISS was successfully docked today/yesterday at
00:44 UTC July 26.
The orbit control is being transferred from the Zarya module over to the
new Zvezda Service Module. There is now sufficient power and life
support systems in orbit to support a three man crew.  The new crew will
arrive on ISS later this November.  

The service module is now called Zvezda (Star in Russian).  This module
is of great interest to the Amateur Radio community because it is the
module with the four (4) antenna port feed-through connections.  (No
antennas connected at this time) And this is the module where most of
the Amateur Radio equipment will be located.  The Amateur radio projects
will share the 4 antenna ports with multiple projects.  Special antennas
have been built to support 3-4 different radio bands simultaneously.  It
is possible to the amateur radio projects to be fully active while they
share the same coax feed as the scientific projects.  The science
projects will use their own assigned radio channels which are out side
of the amateur radio bands.  At the present time there are no antennas
attached to these specific ports.  A space walk will be required to
install the new antennas.  The date for the spacewalk to do the install
is tentatively panned for the summer 2000.

After last nights docking, there was a live press conference from
Mission control Russia.  I found a few parts of the conference
interesting and humorous.  One of the directors of the Russian program
spent about 5 minutes blasting the news media for always publishing bad
news and never reporting good news. 
(If it Bleeds it leads, the Paris problem overshadowed the docking in
the news, by comparison over a 100 people died in car crashes the USA
last weekend).  
I doubt if you will ever see a reprint of his comments.  
I also found some humor when asked about how did the Russians fund the
Zvezda program and the response was, If we told NASA administrator
Daniel Goldin how we did it, then he would not get any money [from his

For more information about the modules current in flight, please read
the NASA link below:

NASA Status Report from Monday July 24

NASA Tracking of ISS

Module overview

Here is a NASA link for the proposed time line.  

QSL Cards:
The new Mir QSL cards have arrived from the printers and are being
distributed to the QSL managers.  I will send another memo later, when
the QSL managers are ready to accept new QSL card requests.  A sample of
a draft card is posted on the MAREX Web page.


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Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space
Station Mir are considered public domain and may be freely distributed,
without prior permission.

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