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ISS Visibility

I received the following reply from Florida Today.  This should put the 
flurry to rest!

Steve added an unneeded 'www' to the address ...

Just drop the 'www' from the address and it will work fine:


I've corrected the online version and I'm certain that it will
be noted in tomorrow's print edition as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your interest
in Space Online.

---Roger Guillemette
Producer, Florida Today SPACE ONLINE

Message text written by INTERNET:K6due@aol.com
In his story on "Space Station Visible In Sky" on July 23, Steve Siceloff 
gave a URL address (at Marshal Space Flight Center).

I and several friends tried it only to find that the internet was not 
accepting that address!  Can you find out what happened?


Roy Neal, (K6DUE@AOL>COM)

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