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RE: Tracking Tips for ISS

Hi Dima

I also still use InstantTrack, which I operate in a DOS window under Windows
95.  The version is 1.00b, and as far as I know, there is no update.  It
works fine, but I do have to use a program called CVITK to update two line
keps to a Y2K format which InstantTrack can use.  If I don't do this, the
keps don't work, as InstantTrack isn't a Y2K compliant program.

I assume you are also using this, or perhaps some similar program to keep
your keps up to date.  If not, I can e-mail you a copy of CVITK.

I wonder if anyone knows of an update to InstantTrack to get around having
to manually do the CVITK conversion each time I load new keps?  I tried
writing a DOS batch file to do this, but couldn't get it to work properly.

If you know of a newer satellite tracking program which you would like and
which is available on the Internet, I'd be happy to download it for you, and
to then e-mail it to you.  I have looked at a few over the years, but
somehow I always revert back to InstantTrack (I guess because I know it so
well and because it does everything I want).

Ray (ZS6RSW)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dimitry Slyusarenko [mailto:ut5rp@radio.tenet.odessa.ua]
> Sent: 14 July 2000 10:13
> To: web@global.co.za
> Subject: RE: [sarex] Tracking Tips for ISS
> Hello Ray.
> I'm Dima - UT5RP. Sometime playing satellites I'm useing
> a very old tracking PGM named instanttrack issued in 1989 yet.
> Can you help me with the newest one for DOS or WINDOWS?
> You know I have only E-mail and not full InterNet access.
> Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
> Vy 73, Dima
> 13-Jul-2000 20:50 you wrote:
> RW> Thanks Miles
> RW> We had a great visible pass of the ISS over Johannesburg
> and Pretoria
> RW> between 18h12 and 18h22 (local time, which is UTC + 2)
> this evening.
> RW>  The
> RW> ISS was nice and bright, but no sign of Zvezda.  I guess
> it's orbit
> RW> times
> RW> are still very different.
> RW> I've checked the ISS pass times over us here in this part of South
> RW> Africa
> RW> for the next few days, but it seems there won't be any
> visible ones.
> RW>  Pity.
> RW> 73
> RW> Ray Webber (ZS6RSW)

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