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Last Chance to Hear a Radio Dinosaur


Subject: Last Chance to hear a radio dinosaur

For only two periods of 15 minutes each, the Swedish telecommunications
museum radio station SAQ will air  its 1924 Alexanderson alternator on
(what today) is the incredibly low frequency of 17.2 kilohertz.  This is
the last remaining operational Alexanderson alternator in the world, and
requires a literal crew to get it started up.
It is operated only on significant occasions, and Sunday July 2 is its
75th anniversary.  Special QSL cards for reception reports will of course
be sent. 
Here is the website with more details about the July 2 transmission and
the Grimeton RCA radio transmitter in general.  For potential listeners,
it should be noted that the station's 6-tower antenna is specifically
oriented to transmit on a great circle toward New York from the southern
end of Sweden.  However, at 17.2 kHz, there's probably not a huge amount
of directivity in it, so listening at any point on the globe is probably
a good bet for well-equipped receivers - meaning having a significant
receiving antenna.
Those who have never tried this sort of stunt might be interested in
trying to make a temporary "Beverage" antenna, which consists merely of a
thousand feet or more of wire laid atop the earth (insulated wire, of
course), with a 600 ohm resistor connected to ground at its distant end
from the receiver.  A Beverage antenna is "hot" off its distant end from
the receiver end, so simply unroll some wire out in the direction of
Sweden from your location and give it a try! (Remembering to put that 600
ohm resistor on the far end.)
Good luck! I'd like to hear from anyone who tries, and of course from
anyone who succeeds! Your only chances are 0830-0845 and 1230-1245 UTC on
July 2!
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