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MSNBC Mir News /Schnecksville School Mir Conmtact

    I wish to call attention to an error which was inadvertingly made in the
text of the anouncement regarding the Schnecksville School contact with the
Mir Space Station.  Please note that Tom Daniels  correct call sign is
    A request has been made to have MSNBC correct this error.  For those who
might have missed this story it can be found at:

    This URL has both voice and video recordings of the cosmonauts and the
students in contact with  the Mir Space station.  The  students who you will
hear speak on the Schnecksville setup  are licensed Amateur Radio operators.
The Schnecksville School has the honor of being chosen as the first school
to contact the Space Shuttle..  Farrell Winder, W8ZCF

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