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can someone convert these to NASA for me?

Got these elements off the AMSAT website and managed to convert them into a
form SatTrak can read, but I'd like to have them in NASA format so I can
easily add them to my satellite list.  Anyone able to convert this to
two-line, or recommend a utility for that that will run on a Mac?  Thanks ..

Satellite: PHASE 3D (SIM)
Catalog number: 99999
Epoch time: 00080.000000
Element set: 001
Inclination: 063.434300 deg
RA of node: 225.000000 deg
Eccentricity: 0.677437
Arg of perigee: 220.000000 deg
Mean anomaly: 000.000000 deg
Mean motion: 01.500000 rev/day
Decay rate: 00.000000e-6 rev/day^2
Epoch rev: 00000

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