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Mir status May 16, 2000

Mir / ISS status report

May 16, 2000

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

The Mir crew performed a Space Walk last week (EVA).  During the walk
the found a burnt cable from one of the 10 solar panels.  The crew plans
on repairing the cable in the near future. The crew of the space station
Mir is still very busy. They have not had time to activate the amateur
radio equipment due to their heavy work load. I was told that one of the
reasons for all of the hard work this week, is to prepare the Mir space
station for 'several more years of service'.

Mir Amateur Radio Status:
There has been very little amateur radio activity from Mir over the last
few weeks.  A request was made asking if the crew could activate the
SSTV project.  The request is being reviewed.
Please be patient.

I will be giving a talk at the Hamvention convention in Dayton Ohio this
weekend.  The talk will be on several related topics:
The History of Mir Amateur Radio
ISS SSTV project proposals
And a video of one of the Mir school schedules.
Check the published schedules for the exact time and locations

See you at Dayton.

Miles WF1F

Suggested Receiving Station for Satellite SSTV Images.

MAREX-NA home page

SSTV Repeaters:
The MAREX-NA team has posted some information regarding testing of the
SpaceCam1 SSTV software.

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Station Mir are considered public domain and may be freely distributed,
without prior permission.

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