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Re: [amsat-bb] SSTV

Captured 5 SSTV Robot 36 shots on the 12:31utc pass here in NJ. Signal
strength is back up with S7-S9 sigs. Some fading is noticeable and polarity
switched once to rhcp during the pass. Station seems a little behind kep
prediction. Picture is of the commander's control console 
instrument panel. 

I very much agree with Ricks statement about ISS and kids being able to
utilize this wonderful learning tool of SSTV pictures from space.
It takes computers out of the realm of games and shows them all that they
can accomplish in this world. I am very pleased to see Russia and the new
Mir crew transmitting SSTV on a week day. If Marex NA and the Energia team
can keep Monday as a SSTV Mir day we can start going into the schools and
having students across the world directly participate in real live space
activity. I have talked to many school superintendents here in NJ and they
are begging me to bring in the tracking program and receiver to have the
students them selves receive spacecraft contacts.

We have a truly useful learning tool here for our children if only we can
have scheduled school day sstv transmissions.

Way to go Mir, Marex, & Energia

Allen Emer N2YAC
Amsat 30942

At 08:42 AM 04/17/2000 EDT, you wrote:
>Hey Group
>Mir SSTV over Colorado this morning pass shows in side the space ship.
>Keps appear to be off thou. Stronger signals today as compared to yesterday? 
>Are they using a different antenna?
>Fine business. Ham radio on a human occupied space ship with pictures. Thank 
>goodness they didn't throw the sstv over board.
>  Maybe the ISS people could see this in action and put this on board. Great 
>for my kids as it puts ham radio and science into something they can see.
> Three cheers for the bankrup russians who are doing what the rich americans 
>only dream of.
>Rick KB0VBZ

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