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Re: VK3CFI sound file

Hello Doug.

17 Apr 00 09:17, you wrote to SAREX:

 DR> I've put the 16/4 06:30 UTC QSO between VK3CFI on the web at ...
 DR> http://www.gsat.edu.au/~users/ccollege/tech/systems/mir.html
 DR> or directly at
 DR> http://www.gsat.edu.au/~users/ccollege/tech/systems/vk3cfi.wav
 DR> The conversation is 2:40 minutes and so the file is 3.4 MB
 DR> (I should say generally please don't send any large sound files as
 DR> email attachments, they cause great difficulty. Please send and URL
 DR> instead.)

I have a .MP3 version of both QSOs (Sat 15th and Sun 16th) on my website, for
people who would like a smaller download.

The URL is http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/sat.html (look up the relevant dates for
the links to the sound files).

I will be adding another .WAV which is of a (very) brief QSO I had with one of
the cosmonauts at around 10:25z on the 17th (just under an hour before I wrote
this).  Unfortunately, Mir went out of range before I could complete the
contact.  Will have to try again another day. :-)


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