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Re: Mir heard in Oz (yes really this time)

Hello Doug.

15 Apr 00 18:49, you wrote to SAREX:

 DR> At 06:30 UTC over VK3 I heard VK3CFI contact mir in Russian. It
 DR> sounded very much as though the lady personally knew the cosmonaut
 DR> that she made contact with. I was very fortunate to hear the pass as I
 DR> was down on the coast with my wife and kids and a pile of bicycles and
 DR> only had a Kenwood TH-215A handheld. I waited until the very happy QSO
 DR> was over before trying a contact, but alas the pass had ended.

I can confirm this QSO, and also recorded the full 2 minutes in .WAV format.
The QSO appeared to run right to the end of the pass.  Signals were initially
quite strong, somewhat better than SO-35 usually is here.

I hope to work the cosmonauts at some stage.  I am yet to work Mir myself.

73  VK3JED


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