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MIR contact from VK2


>Hi Doug,
>    I tried this afternoon 3:51pm Sydney time but I was not heard but I have
>attached a log of the pass in the form of a wav file

Thanks Murray,
I trimmed the file down to 380kb (16 bit to 8 bit and just the VK2WEL 
contact) and put it up at ...
for others that may be interested.
The file covers the contact on 13 Apr at 15:51 local (05:51 UTC, 8:51 
Mir) by George VK2WEL and one of the Mir crew (I'm not sure if it's Alex 
or Sergei). It sounded like a very busy pass and a well mannered group of 
amateurs calling too.

Good luck to all.

Doug Rolfe,
Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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