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RE: Mir heard in OZ

Hello again,

>Hi Doug, I missed the pass last night, but listening to your wav file it
>sure sounds like MIR to me and not a local station. Unfortunately the
>signal is a bit too buried "in the mud" for my TNC to deceipher any sense
>from it.
>I might try and clean it up a little to see if it really is MIR 
>If I can clean it up, (I have a couple of nice digital audio manipulation
>programs) I'll let you know.

Hi Ian,

Good to hear from you again. I tried to boost the audio on the first wav 
file I put up and that may introduce artifacts.

>Hi Doug
>if you can send me original file I can try to decode it.
> 73  ik1sld Claudio

I've put all the audio I captured during that pass (minus snippets of 
noise between bursts) at ...
The file is about 330kb.

If any VK3's were sending packet last night (Tues 11 Apr 9.40pm Local) 
please email me so that I can put this to rest. From other email I 
received it seems that the crew have been to busy to start up the 2m gear.

Thanks to all for their comments.

Doug Rolfe,
Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
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