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Mir status April 11, 2000

Mir / ISS status report

April 11, 2000

By Miles Mann WF1F,
MAREX-NA (Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division)

MIR Status:
Yesterday I called the chief of the Cosmonaut Amateur radio department
in RSC Energia to discuss the status of the Mir Amateur Radio program. 
I was informed the Mir crew is very busy with their daily choirs of
waking up the large Mir space station.  It takes a long time to properly
reactivate the space station.  The Mir Space Station has been sleeping
for 9 months (August 21, 1999 - April 6, 2000).  The Mir crew needs to
carefully monitor the battery status and properly align the solar panels
to keep the batteries charged.  The guidance computer will eventually
take over the work-load of flying the Mir station and controlling the
solar panels.

A few people have heard voice activity on the Mir commercial down link
channel on 143 MHz.  This downlink is used when Mir is in range of a
ground relay station.   At one time there were many ground relay
stations all around the world , on land and at sea.  Today there seems
to be only a few active ground relay stations in Europe and Asia.  NASA
has several relay stations in the USA which can support Mir
communications, however none of them are active at this time.  The Mir
station also uses a few commercial satellites as relays stations to
augment their communications needs.  It is possible that you may not
hear much activity on 143 MHz while Mir is over the Americas and VL

No specific date has been given for activation of the Amateur Radio
projects on Mir.  We just need to wait for the Mir crew to get all of
their important work completed first.

Courtesy of Farrel Winder 
Hello All Mir Fans,
    For those following the progress of Mir and the possible return of
Amateur Radio SSTV, Voice and Packet after the new Crew boards Mir,
are interesting stories now running on the web:


Mir Amateur Radio Status:
The two Mir crew members are both experienced Amateur Radio operators
and are familiar with Voice, Packet and SSTV procedures. During the
recent retraining of Kaleri and Zalentin they came up with several
suggestions for changes for the amateur radio station.  MAREX-NA is
currently discussing with the engineers at Energia the change requests
to see if any of the suggestions can be implemented. If all goes as
planned the Mir Amateur Radio station may be reactivated between April
10 - 20 on 145.985 FM Simplex (Voice, Packet and SSTV).

The MAREX-NA web page has moved to a new location. We will try to keep
the page updated with the latest Mir and ISS amateur radio experiments.


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Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space
Station Mir are considered public domain and may be freely distributed,
without prior permission.

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