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Nothing heard from Mir

I have been monitoring 145.985 automatically since Saturday, for any
possible packet transmissions from Mir.  Nothing has been received so
far, but I will continue monitoring.  Unfortunately, Mir's passes over
Israel are now in the early morning hours, and during the day when I am
at work, so I can't listen for them on FM.  I get home around 1700 local
time (1500 UTC), but there won't be any overhead passes at that time or
later until after April 17.  It has been my experience that the best
time for Mir contacts is in the evening (local time).  Mir uses Moscow
time (UTC+3) and Israel is UTC+2, so the Cosmonauts usually have their
free time during the evening here.
I hope I'll have a chance for a QSO with Alex - we had several nice
QSO's when he was in Mir in 1993-94.
Shlomo 4X4LF (locator KM71ej)
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