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Re: unknown sat heard over EI

Hi Revere,

At 02:07 4/9/2000 +0100, revere.richardson@analog.com wrote:

 >Hi all,
 >i wonder all you sat people if you know of the satellite
 >i might have heard at 19:30 UTC over EI (ireland).

when was this? there was a SO-35 SunSat pass over Europe on 6 April 
starting 19:27 UTC and would have ended around 19:37 UTC. This sat was 
scheduled to be switched on over europe last week - would have been in Mode 
B FM single channel repeater and the downlink is FM 145.825MHz uplink FM 
436.291 +/- 9kHz Doppler

http://sunsat.ee.sun.ac.za/ has the schedule for this sat

 >This was the first time i've ever heard a sat in plain
 >FM on 2m 145.825.

as far as I know SO-35 is the only sat with 145.825 downlink in FM

wonder if someone else can confirm this,


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