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Fw: Cosmonauts Enroute to Mir

Subject: Cosmonauts Enroute to Mir

 Hello All Mir Fans,
     For those following the progress of Mir and the possible return of
 Amateur Radio SSTV, Voice and Packet after the new Crew boards Mir, there
 are 2  interesting stories now running on the web:



     Also of interest for those who are tracking Mir, or getting ready to
 track Mir, Norad has added the Keplerain elements for the Soyuz TM-30 which
 is presently carrying the Cosmonats, Commander Sergei Zalyotin and Alex
 Kaleri, U8MIR to the Mir space Station.  If the Soyuz Keps are added to one
 of the tracking programs we can watch the progress of the 2 space vehicles.
 Presently as of 12:50 UTC Wed Apr 5, 2000 these space vehicles are an
 estimated 800 miles apart.  The Soyuz TM-30 is ahead of Mir but lower in
altitude by some 100 kilometers..
     Keep tuned for further updates.  Farrell Winder, W8ZCF.

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