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ANS Bulletin

Russian Ham Radio License Issued for ISS
Greenbelt, Maryland
March 7, 2000

Members of the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) 
team in the U.S. received word from the Russian team that a Russian station 
license has been granted for the ISS Ham Radio station.  This license is 
valid for all amateur radio hardware that will be located in the Russian 
Segment.  It will support the operation and use of the ham radio station in 
all of the Russian provided segments of ISS.  This includes the FGB (or 
Zarya) module that is currently on-orbit and the Zvezda Service Module that 
is planned for launch this summer.

For more information on the ISS assembly sequence, see

During a telephone conversation last week,  AMSAT-RU team member Sergej 
Samburov, RK3DR, informed the U.S. Ham Technical Team that the Russian 
Federation Communications Oversight Commission has granted a license to 
operate a "Ham Radio Station of the Highest Public Usage Category" for the 
ISS Russian Segment.  The ARISS US team received a copy of the license on 
March 2.  Since that time, NASA has translated the Russian Cyrillic to 
English for the team.

Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, ARISS-International Administrative Chairman explains 
that "This specific license enables the on-orbit ISS crews  to operate all 
amateur radio modes and bands.  It is a critical step in our future 
operations of ham radio on ISS.  We are excited that the Russian team have 
made significant progress and now have our first license in 
place."   Sergej Samburov explained to the ham team that this license is 
required before any ham radio equipment can be installed in the Russian 
Segment.  The station license call sign is RZ3DZR.  It was issued on March 
2, 2000 and is valid until March 2, 2005.

The ARISS International team is working on a long term plan for a single, 
international ISS station license.  This will allow all the international 
crew members to operate different hardware that will comprise the ham radio 
station in any part of the ISS without third party restrictions in their 
country.  This was discussed at the ARISS meeting in Surrey, England in 
July 1998 and at the IARU Satellite Meeting during the 1999 AMSAT-NA 
symposium in San Diego, California. It is also an agenda  topic for the 
upcoming ARISS meeting that will be held near Amsterdam later this 
month.  The ARISS team is working with the IARU to develop a long term, 
international solution.  In the meantime, the team is pursuing licenses in 
each of the member countries.  The U.S. team will soon apply for a station 
license to allow Bill Shepard, KD5GSL, to use the station later this year.

In the meantime, the ARISS team is working with the ISS Space Agency 
partners to prepare the crew and hardware for use later this year.

Submitted by Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO for the ARISS International Team 
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