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Re: [amsat-bb] ISS Call sign RZ3DZR

At 10:52 AM 03-03-00 -0500, Miles Mann wrote:
 >Third Party Traffic problems:
 >One of the problems with the outdated Amateur Radio laws in the USA is
 >our handling of Third-Party-Traffic.

Before taking pot shots like this one, suggest checking the facts first.

[1] USA domestic law and FCC Rules and Regulations must, as a matter of 
Constitutional law, follow from treaties which have been ratified by the 

[2] The USA restriction on third party traffic comes directly from a 
provision of the international radio regulations which has been in effect 
for many decades.  The current provision prohibits communication on behalf 
of third parties unless administrations make arrangements to allow 
it.  Some have recommended changing this provision to allow third party 
traffic unless an administration says otherwise.  Meanwhile, the original 
language remains in force.

[3] The USA administration has, for many years, been willing to enter into 
third party traffic arrangements with all comers as a matter of policy on 
the free flow of information.

[4] The Russian (and predecessor Soviet) administration has not been 
willing to enter into such an arrangement, although there have been 
attempts to do so over the years.  The Russian administration sets policy 
in accordance with the radio regulations to serve its own domestic 
interests as it sees fit.  Policy can change.

Between us, I am very concerned that one administration is willing to 
assign such a call sign to a uniquely international project.  But, that is 
a separate issue.  Suggest reading the proceedings from the IARU meeting in 
San Diego for more on the subject of call signs.

Hope this helps.

73, art.....

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