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Re: NASA TV and DirecTV

Bruce Kille (Mindspring) wrote:
Back in December DirecTV stated they were
 > going to add 6 new public service channels to their lineup, one of
 > which was NASA TV.  Well, no sooner than this was released,
 > DirecTV changed their minds and 4 of the 6 channels ended up on
 > their west/secondary bird, including NASA TV, or at least that's
 > what I think happened.

When this was discussed a while back, I was shopping for satellite TV at
the time, and I talked to a couple of local 'chislers' that I knew had
the small dishes.  They both said that Dish was the best, and I had done
some research which bore this out, so I went with Dish.  NASA is on ch
213, and works great.  Apparently, in our area (NE Wisconsin), there are
a lot of people who are converting to Dish Network from the 'other'
one(s).  :-)

Larry, KL7IBV in Wisconsin
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