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Re: NASA TV and DirecTV

Yes its up on the 119 bird. If you see spanish channels mainly in the 
100s, you are at 119. I think you can use transponder 33 or 31 (has
to be odd) to tune in that bird, unless you have a squawk box. 

The crappy part of the deal is that you need a Hughes 5th generation 
receiver to get NTV because it's on even polarity, old IRDs for some 
reason can't receive the even polarity from that bird. So basicly
they are fulfilling their public service requirement by having that
programing up there but only about 5% of the dss population can even
see it. I'm one of the lucky ones since i went out and spent big money
on a 
Digital A/V output IRD and that just happened to be a 5th Gen. IRD so
I can go out and retune my dish to 119 see NTV, but not everyone out
would want to spend $399 just for an IRD to watch the limited programing
of NTV.

My feelings are that every Ham that's a legitimate subscriber to DSS
call up, email, fax, whatever to get DSS to either give us a free IRD
so we can recieve this must carry programing or move that programing to
main bird, I've already voiced my disgust, everyone else should to. 

(just my $0.02)

73 de n8twj

"Bruce Kille (Mindspring)" wrote:
> I hope this is not off topic, as this was discussed here before, and I
> need some advise.  Back in December DirecTV stated they were
> going to add 6 new public service channels to their lineup, one of
> which was NASA TV.  Well, no sooner than this was released,
> DirecTV changed their minds and 4 of the 6 channels ended up on
> their west/secondary bird, including NASA TV, or at least that's
> what I think happened.  I can only receive 2 of the new channels on
> the primary bird at 101 longitude, and have only been able to pick up
> the bird at 119 sporadically, as I believe I am not in its footprint here in
> Ky., but NASA TV did -NOT- appear in the channel list.  So, here
> is my question.  Has -anyone- been able to pick up NASA TV on
> DirecTV, and if so on which bird, using what dish/receiver setup??
> I have been able to get nothing but the 'run around' from DirecTV
> on this matter, I even talked to their 'tech' department, and they didn't
> even know about the second bird!  Any information would be greatly
> appreciated.
> 73, Bruce WA4JAV
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