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NASA TV and DirecTV

I hope this is not off topic, as this was discussed here before, and I
need some advise.  Back in December DirecTV stated they were
going to add 6 new public service channels to their lineup, one of
which was NASA TV.  Well, no sooner than this was released,
DirecTV changed their minds and 4 of the 6 channels ended up on
their west/secondary bird, including NASA TV, or at least that's
what I think happened.  I can only receive 2 of the new channels on
the primary bird at 101 longitude, and have only been able to pick up
the bird at 119 sporadically, as I believe I am not in its footprint here in
Ky., but NASA TV did -NOT- appear in the channel list.  So, here
is my question.  Has -anyone- been able to pick up NASA TV on
DirecTV, and if so on which bird, using what dish/receiver setup??
I have been able to get nothing but the 'run around' from DirecTV
on this matter, I even talked to their 'tech' department, and they didn't
even know about the second bird!  Any information would be greatly
73, Bruce WA4JAV

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