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MIR SSTV 1 Year Ago

Hello All,
    Many of us will recall that one year ago today on January 1, 1999 we
were entertained by a series of exciting Amateur Radio SSTV pictures being
sent from the Mir Space Station.  Commander Gennady Padalka  sent pictures
of himself aboard Mir along with his Flight Engineer Sergei Avdeyev as they
were celebrating New Year's  Day.  They showed us a New Year's tree and
other gifts of a choclate bear and apricot juice which they had received for
the occasion.
    At last count more than 40 articles and  news releases were made
regarding SSTV from Mir.  One of the stories ran by MSNBC on Jan 1, 99 is
still running at:


   During February, 1999 the Mir crew was joined by French Astronaut,
Jean-Pierre Haignere who helped send many more fine pictures.  The  entire
crew departed Mir in August, 1999 and Mir is now running under computer
control via Moscow.  Many of us  wonder what the above crew members are
doing these
days? If anyone has info about them it would be interesting to know of their
activities.  As to Mir itself,  there is recent news that can be obtained by
bringing up the above URL and clicking on the last referenced link at the
bottom of the text,
"MIR NEWS 29 December 1999 (472)"  or by entering:


    Further news on the possibility of the reactivation of SSTV aboard Mir
in the year 2000
and plans for Amateur Radio SSTV aboard ISS  will be related as it
develops. Farrell Winder,

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