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Thanks for replys - no Y2K problems yet 12:28 pm 1/1/2000 - Sydney Australia

Hi everyone,
    Thankyou for all the replys and greetings. Seeing as I am in Sydney and
am likely to be the first one on the sarex list to reach Y2K I thought it
was expedient to test the network and see what happened. It is great to get
all the responses and find out that there haven't been Y2K problems. I guess
those who do have problems might not reply but it is nice to know there are
a lot of places that don't have problems.

    I also logged onto my bank's computer access network (ANZ Internet
Banking)  and was happy to find out that they seem to have got it right. All
systems I have encountered so far here are all fully operational. I even
joked with my wife that my old car started after midnight and so the
computer must have been Y2K compliant!


Murray Peterson

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