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STS-103 Shuttle

Thanks to the ATV group here in Phoenix, who have been rebroadcasting the
audio from NASA TV on 425.750 WFM, I became aware of a possible sighting
opportunity. By going to the NASA sight, I was able to get the particulars.
At approximately 6:10 PM Phoenix time, I was able to discern two objects
tracking across the twilight sky with my unaided vision. Jean Francois had
effected a release of Hubble about an hour before this, and the Discovery
had been positioned to an orbit ahead of Hubble. I heard on my HT just
before the sighting that a water release from Discovery was being performed,
and the flume ? of ice crystals below and traveling with Discovery left no
doubt in my mind what I was seeing. It was absolutely awesome. Another
sighting opportunity will occur this evening at 6:19 PM in the Phoenix area.
Thanks to all who made this possible. Listening to all the activity,
particularly the EVAs, has just been great. I was able to share the
listening experience with some children, who were also awe stricken. The
sighting was a great Xmas present for me, just as all the phenomenal work on
Hubble by the astronauts was a wonderful gift for the scientific community.
I can't believe that there hasn't been more media coverage of STS-103. NASA
TV is available in the basic Dish Network package here in the Phoenix area.
I'm going to have to get with that program before the next Shuttle flight.

73s de Dennis KD7CAC

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