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Re: Fw: DirecTV Subscriber Feedback

It seems to be an auto response. If it is, most likely no one will read
it :-/

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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 21:06:41 -0500 "Jerry Muller" <k0tv@gateway.net>
>Here is the canned message that I got. I wonder if they have a random
>generator that picks which one send in response.
>>*************** Original Message ***************
>> I am upset that you chose to put the NASA channel on your second
>>satellite. I really wish you would reconsider. This is a public 
>>channel that we all pay for through our tax dollars. It is one of the
>>most popular public interest channels, and I miss not having it on
>>DirecTV. I was very happy to hear that you had decided to carry it, 
>>upset when I found that instead of carrying it on your primary 
>>you put it on your secondary satellite. Please reconsider this 
>> Jeremy Muller A silver subscriber.
>> As you can imagine, we receive a large number of requests and
>>suggestions to add new channels to our current programming lineup. At
>>DIRECTV, we value the opinions of current and potential customers. We
>>use such information to gauge interest in various programming 
>>In the past, feedback from such sources has led to the addition of 
>>programs and channels. It is a DIRECTV policy not to disclose
>>information about any upcoming or future announcements, and 
>>we cannot provide information about upcoming programmers until the
>>official announcement date. However, we do speak with a wide array of
>>programming suppliers and we evaluate each service based on the level 
>>subscriber interest. We encourage and value your feedback.
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